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12 VDC Heated Probe


12VDC Heated Probe Kit with Protection Cut Out Switch

Kit Features

Heated Probe has a built in heater of 12V that minimizes the potential for ice build up on the leading edge of the probe.

  • Please specify 12VDC or 24 VDC when ordering.
  • Requires a dedicated 10 amp breaker or fuse, switched, due to 7.167 Amp draw. 

Kit Components

Probe comes complete with high temperature fittings and tubing. It is a drop in replacement and can be used or upgraded in the existing Alpha Systems AOA mounting plate.


Note: If heated probe is purchased at the same time as an AOA Kit, the cost is $200.00. If you are purchasing the heated probe as an upgrade to an existing kit, the cost is $250.00.


Product #:DSTR-AOA-7000k



Outright Purchase $250.00

Purchase with Kit $200.00