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Hawk Kit 

Kit Features

The Hawk kit has a electronic servo needle gauge display. Fits a standard 2-1/4" round flush panel mount. 3-1/8" adapter plate is avaliable for additional purchase.

  • Instantaneous Angle of Attack Indication.
  • Three point calibration process, programmed on the display to the aircrafts specific lift curve.
  • Display has an imbedded photocell for daytime/nighttime brightness settings, choice of which is programmed on the display by you.
  • Audio output, tied to existing audio input on audio panel by others.
  • 4 different audio options to choose from, choice of which is programmed on the display. 
  • Audio mute switch with amber LED indicator located on the display.
  • 12-28 VDC input, draws less than 0.250 Amps at full brightness.  

Product #:DSTR-AOA-9800K

Pressurized - Product #:DSTR-AOA-9800PK

Multi Display Kits Available.

Call for Details



Non Pressurized $1,995.00

Pressurized $2,645.00

 Please email us if you wish to apply a discount at aoa@depotstar.com