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Raven RS232 Kit

Single chevron style display: $4,125.00      
Dual chevron style display: $5,250.00
Single bar graph style display: $4,125.00    
Dual bar graph style display: $5,250.00


The Raven Kit takes the AOA information already provided by a certified AOA system and reads the AOA information via RS232. Call or email for more information.






The Raven kit can have either the chevron style display or the bar graph style display. Pilots will benefit greatly by having real time AOA displayed from a dual, heads up display (HUD) in their peripheral vision. This standalone retrofit kit is for the GA, commuter, commercial, and transport aviation community. This kit takes the AOA information already provided by a certified AOA system and reads the AOA information via RS232. Custom OEM configurations and programs available. Also available in single or dual.


  • Instantaneous Angle of Attack indication.
  • Available with dual or single displays.
  • Comes with dual or single HUDs.
  • 16 different LED brightness levels from ultra dim to very bright.
  • Display has an imbedded photocell for daytime/nighttime brightness settings, choice of which is programmed at the display.
  • 4 different audio options to choose from which is programmed by the end user at the remote switch panel.
  • Reads information via RS232 serial bus.
  • Custom OEM configuration and programs available.

Single chevron style display part#: DSTR-AOA-9300EK-RS232

Dual chevron style display part #: DSTR-AOA-9300EKD-RS232

Single bar graph style display part #: DSTR-AOA-9300FK-RS232

Dual bar graph style display part #: DSTR-AOA-9300FKD-RS232


  • Eagle Display or Falcon Display

  • RS232 Connector Kit

  • RS232 Interface Module

  • HUD (Heads Up Display Adapter)

  • Display Extension Cable

  • Serial RS232 and Power Cable


Complete Kit Weight Less than 3.00 lbs. Click here for full list.
RS232 Interface Module size In Inches: 5.75 x 2.60 x 1.65
RS232 & Power Cable 6 ft, two wires.
Audio Options Four
LED Brightness Levels 16, from ultra dim to very bright
Photocell Diode On display, allows for custom daytime/nighttime brightness settings


Installation Manual Coming Soon!
Operations Manual Coming Soon!
Pilots Guide Coming Soon!
RS232 Guide Download


Single Eagle Connection Diagram Download
Dual Eagle Connection Diagram Download
Single Falcon Connection Diagram Download
Dual Falcon Connection Diagram Download
Eagle Display Dimensions Download
Falcon Display Dimensions Download
Eagle Increasing AOA Diagram Download
Falcon Increasing AOA Diagram Download
Eagle Display Segment Transitions Download
Falcon Display Segment Transitions Download




St. Johns Crosswind Landing R16 with AOA

St. Johns Crosswind Landing R16 with AOA - Raven Kit - Falcon