Mitsubishi MU-2 Aircraft Approval

March 3, 2016: Alpha Systems AOA received approval for the Pressurized Dual Eagle display with flaps, gear and cockpit brightness control installation on the Mitsubishi MU-2 aircraft.

 FAA icon FAA Mitsubishi MU-2 Aircraft Approval Letter


Alpha Systems AOA System: FAA accepted across GA .

July 24, 2015: Alpha Systems AOA announced that all its AOA (angle of attack) systems, covering six models in single and dual displays for pressurized and unpressurized airplanes (24 models in all) have been accepted for installation industry-wide under the requirements of 14 CFR 21.8(d).


 FAA icon FAA Certification Letter 14 cfr 21.8(d)


"We are pleased that the FAA has taken this action and granted this recognition," says Mark Korin, CEO and President of Alpha Systems AOA. "We are also proud that, on the same day this month, FAA told us that our quality system has met the quality standards of 14 CFR 21.9(a)(2), covering our AS9001-compliant factory in Ramsey, Minnesota."


Small Airplane Directorate Approval Letter

On December 15, 2011 the US Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration's Small Airplane Directorate Division issued a letter to Alpha Systems AOA, which is manufactured by DepotStar, Inc.


This letter, which can be viewed here: FAA iconAlpha Systems FAA Letter , states the following:


"This letter is in regards to the installation of Alpha Systems - AOA system on Normal, Utility, Acrobatic, and Commuter Category airplanes.


The installation of any component on an aircraft must be evaluated for its affect on weight, balance, structural strength, performance, powerplant operation, flight characteristics, or other qualities affecting airworthiness.


The Small Airplane Directorate views your system as non-required equipment that provides a safety benefit.  We also recognize that there appears to be conflict between 14CFR parts 1, 21 and 43 regarding the classification of a major change.  14 CFR part 43, Appenix A does not use the word "appreciable" when classifying a change as do parts 1 and 21.  As such, the Small Airplane Directorate and the Flight Standards Service, Aircraft Maintenance Division has evaluated the installation of the Alpha Systems - AOA system on Normal, Utility, Acrobatic CAR3 or Part 23 airplanes.  We conclude the installation can be considered a minor alteration, provided certain provisions are met."  Said provisions are listed in the letter linked above.