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Eagle Pressurized Above Dash HUD Kit

Eagle Pressurized Above Dash HUD Kit: $3,850.00      


Angle of Attack Indicator, for precise and instantaneous lift alerts for your aircraft. Multi display kits available. Call or email for more information.






The Eagle Above Dash HUD pressurized AOA kit was designed and comes complete with most parts to mount the AOA sense probe, connection hoses and AOA sensor module outside of the pressure bulkhead. The AOA sensor connects through to the inside cockpit through unused pins on an existing pass-through connector. Connections on the inside of the aircraft connect the signals to the display interface module for power, audio, and display connections. Our systems are designed for simple installation and pilot flown calibration for real time, instantaneous full-scale AOA range.

The Eagle display is a highly visible, full color, chevron style display. With the chevron display, when you come in for a landing you want to fly to the blue donut (on speed for landing). Should you come in with too low of an angle of attack, the yellow chevron will light up and tell you to put your nose up. Should you come in with too high of an angle of attack, the red chevron will light up and tell you nose down.

The Above Dash HUD caters to pilots that don’t have room under the glare-shield. The display and switch panel are inside the dome that sits on top of the glare-shield. Intended for placement directly in front of the pilot. Allows for instantaneous viewing of AOA information exactly where needed. The Above Dash HUD kit sits on top of the Eagle display, showing the display segments in the HUD glass.


  • Instantaneous Angle of Attack indication.
  • Additional indication segments.
  • Three point calibration process, programmed on remote switch panel, to aircraft specific lift curve.
  • 16 different LED brightness levels from ultra dim to very bright.
  • Display has an imbedded photocell for daytime/nighttime brightness settings, choice of which is programmed at the display.
  • Audio output, tied to existing audio input on audio panel by others.
  • 4 different audio options to choose from which is programmed by the end user at the remote switch panel.
  • Audio mute switch with amber LED indicator located on remote switch panel.
  • 12-28 VDC input draws less than 0.250 Amps at full brightness.


The HUD is a self contained adjustable beam splitter adapter that mounts to the lip of the Eagle display and turns the Alpha System AOA into a true HUD. Intended for placement directly within the pilot's peripheral vision. Allows for instantaneous viewing of AOA information exactly where needed. The HUD glass is an enhanced color correcting, anti-glare lens. Comes complete with mounting frame, base adaptor plate, dome, display brackets and hardware.

  • Frame Dimensions: L: 4 1/8", W: 1.250"
  • Base Adaptor Plate: L: 4.613", W: 2.780"
  • Dome: L: 4.251", W: 2.407", H: .960"



  • Mounting Frame.
  • Base Adaptor Plate.
  • Dome.
  • Tinted Lens.
  • Custom Display Brackets.
  • Hardware.
  • HUD Cover with Flag.

Eagle Pressurized Kit with Above Dash HUD Part #: DSTR-AOA-9600PK-(ADH)



  • Eagle Display

  • Switch Panel Module

  • Pressurized I/F Module

  • Sensor I/F Module

  • Non Heated Standard Probe

  • 9x9 Probe Mounting Plate

  • Above Dash HUD (Heads Up Display Adapter)

  • HUD Cover

  • 6ft Power Cable

  • 6ft Display Extension Cable

  • 15ft Sensor I/F Module Exterior Cable

  • 15ft Sensor I/F + Audio Interior Cable

  • 6ft Switch Panel Extension Cable

  • 25 ft Blue Pneumatic Hose

  • 25 ft White Pneumatic Hose

  • Eagle Installation Manual

  • Eagle Operations Manual

  • Protractor

  • Probe Cover

  • Screwdriver



Complete Kit Weight Less than 3.00 lbs. Click here for full list.
AOA Interface Module size In Inches: 5.75 x 2.60 x 1.65
System Voltage Requirements 12 - 28 Volts DC
System Max Power Draw 0.250 Amps
System Power Cable 6 ft, three wires: power, ground and shield
Above Dash HUD Weight 4.32 oz / 0.270 lb
HUD Frame Dimensions L: 4 1/8" x W: 1.250"
HUD Base Adaptor Plate L: 4.613", W: 2.780"
HUD Dome L: 4.251", W: 2.407", H: .960"
Heated Probe Voltage Requirements 12 or 24 VDC (must specify when ordering)
Heated Probe Power Draw 86 Watts at 12VDC / 172 Watts at 24VDC
Heated Probe Current Draw 8 Amps at 12VDC and 8 Amps at 24VDC
Heated Probe Power Wire Supplied by others
Audio Output 1 Volt P-P max at 300 ohm input impedance
Aux (Audio) Cable 6 ft, three wires: AP audio, AP ground and shield
Audio Options Four
Mute Switch Yes, on switch panel
LED Brightness Levels 16, from ultra dim to very bright
Photocell Diode On display, allows for custom daytime/nighttime brightness settings
Pressurized Version Yes


Installation Manual Rev BD Download
Operations Manual Rev BD Download
Pilots Guide Download
Quick Calibration Guide Download
Calibration Failures Download


Pressurized Connection Diagram Download
Pressurized Wiring Diagram Download
Display Dimensions Download
Increasing AOA Diagram Download
Eagle Lift Curve Download
Display Segment Transitions Download
HUD Dimensions Download
HUD Base Adaptor Plate Dimensions Download
HUD Dome Dimensions Download
Power Cable Download
Switch Panel Cable Download
IF Module Extension Cable Download
IF Module AUX Cable Download
Standard Probe Mounting Plate Download



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