Alpha Systems AOA has been in the forefront of angle of attack technology for General Aviation since 1997. Based in Ramsey, MN, it designs and manufactures a family of industry leading AOA display solutions for certified, experimental, pressurized and non­pressurized aircraft. The Alpha Systems AOA is an electronic angle of attack (AOA) system utilizing a new pressure measurement technology which can be installed in most aircraft without any major modifications. No flight critical systems are affected and the system draws minimal current while incorporating an intuitive polarized full color display. We didn’t stop there, with the industry’s first full color HUD, Heads-Up-Display, real-time Angle of Attack can be seen when it’s needed most, where it’s needed, on top of the glare shield in the pilots peripheral vision. With a whole family of display and feature options we are dedicated to make the aviation community’s best and most complete Angle of Attack system to help fly pilots safer and significantly reduce loss of control accidents!  

Our mission is to improve aircraft operation and flight safety for General Aviation. Born out of lifesaving military technology, our passionate team has developed a sleek line of innovative Alpha Systems Angle of Attack indicators. Affordable, high quality, intuitive, with trusted support; we benefit from knowing you’re safe.

We currently manufacture 3 electronic Angle of Attack indicators:

  • The "EAGLE" Chevron Plus Diamond Style
  • The "FALCON" Vertical Light Bar Style
  • The "MERLIN" Horizontal Light Bar Style

Discontinued Displays

  • Legacy
  • Classic 4"
  • Ultra
  • Classic Round
  • Mechanical Gauges
  • Condor
  • Hawk

Alpha Systems AOA continues to provide the best AOA Systems available. Because no two pilots are ever alike, we believe you should never be stuck with just one AOA display option from which to choose.